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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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to make a better decision in 31 percent of the cases. check out the web sites for bonus content making money with charles payne starts next. >> i read than a celebration in almost guarantees but when there is the chance we can derail the is in congress. is the entire market on the verge of going up? this time with political news. let's just say that millenials are starting to get it. with the war on capitalism from the 2016 race to the white house and written than calling on the bigger government. while the left calls for
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banc - - pink sheets and a left comes up with new innovative ideas however jolts just invested $30 million into a plan of 100,000 with jobs and internships the focus is on the disconnect 5.5 million. 6323 rolls that are not in school and not working. taco bell hilton cvs alaska air starbucks the list goes on and on. i think he has ambitions but it doesn't mitigate the fact that these other programs that our more common to prove the private sector has always stepped up to the plate and does not need to be forced we do not need to use shareholder funds.
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i was pretty excited about this i am not a power shall stand the light he goes after this. this into hillary clinton's speech yesterday about corporate profits you don't have to. the private sector once somebody to be in society. >> this should be 20%. >> tavis from obamacare. >> i know you could squeeze a more out of the private sector. it sounds good on a bumper sticker but it is the corporate balance sheet to keep that utopia but why not let them deploy that themselves? >> she did not give us any numbers.
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>> hillary clinton embodied the view as a job-training program but only five have ever been with their effectiveness. charles: and i was growing up in harlem they had different programs. but with "house of cards" telling them something you did not know about. everyone better themselves then you get a free sandwich >> 100,000 jobs for veterans to get 100,000 by a 20/20 precocial can teach the government how to do this talk about the takeover with the fund runs out the private sector knows how to make jobs and have to use the kids to the best of their ability.
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it is an awesome idea. >> but bill whole disconnect between 16 and 24. 5.5 million. that is an astonishing number. we heard 400,000 people leaving the job market. they say don't worry about the participation rate but the young folks like this this might be the only solution. >> couple that with a trillion dollars of student dash it it is perilous but young people need to know there is a the future somehow they have got off track with the incentive rand of penalties for not working 93 million americans in the labor pool.
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charles: that is a crazy number. i was lucky to speak to kids who were giving away shirts and ties for grove i have been guilty to bad mouth them a little bit with the untitled millenials but they have no guidance. but did day you graduate it says zero. >> day are turning things they cannot use their real life this is the perfect way to learn things they will use of their real life. supply and demand of the private sector does not know that then who does? charles: you are a famous investment manager about what goes into your thought process? it seems like go wise thing for the private sector today's successful.
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>> and then to cost more and then to go down revisions to be counted twice there is the attempt jobs from the kids. >> that they become permanent. >> to historically the temp job is a permanent job unless you work at the restaurant they purposely keep workers under 30 hours a week. charles: that is not their fault either for or the other thing that is happening they call it the sharing economy that it is destroying america. that was the message just today from hillary clinton
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she points out there is workplace protection problems. >> many americans are making extra of money to design bedsides to sell products they design themselves to drive their own car on demand is creating exciting opportunities to a major innovation but it is also raising questions about workplace protection and what a good job will look like in the future. charles: a lot of people think this keeps the country afloat but did its spot on but then she says the but. >> but we are facing a new
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aged we have to make sure we have regulations. cemetery there were regulations the third of americans are working non dash dairy economy that will only increase. hillary says comedy is our miss classified lugar calls itself a technology company and federal regulations made to catch up with the economy charles: tsa we need workplace protection? think of the operative word pro. >> i take hillary is happy with that. >> be honest. forsake membership that is
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what it is about. to have money waiting for them now we have health care to make sure they are paid well and thus that it is fair and equitable it has picked up a tremendous amount of slack so all credit to the private sector >> with the policies of the obama administration is an impediment? >> i am not willing to go that far but i do understand the point and i am thankful for the sharing economy it has been great for my generation people can work from home for i do that myself but the flexibility that it offers i know that i will need money when i retire. we saw the financial crisis people have their retirement wiped out.
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>> because this is set to a flaccid recovery this is an opportunity to stay afloat. but they will crush is amazing. >> you have marco rubio and rand paul says he hasn't driven since 1996 she does not need uber you can show how this is good for people. >> the occupied movement is a fund-raiser for governor cuomo.
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go into someone's house you cross the line into points to the arrogance that characterizes the occupied movement since it began. you don't go to somebody's house. this is despicable. >> it is no doubt rouge but effective. if the reference that occupy movement that this is no big deal but but to turn their back on the union and not the most pro union democrat that there is but they raise important issues and i think they are establishing what they have set out to do.
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>> but the irony is they could have gone in a different direction they're let the anarchist takeover but it has been hijacked since then i think it was hijacked from the start they had a motley crew with parts of new york city around the world for just this sort of thing. >> you might be the kind of guy they target. [laughter] >> they cannot get to my house because joe biden brother lives down the street to block the traffic we have a motorcade sped marco flee that will not
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happen after next year. [laughter] but the reality is the notion that wall street is at the center of the world's problems coming around the corner i don't think anyone is buying added a more. >> 2016 they're holding on to whatever power as they turn their backs on them but the teachers' union specifically the longer speak to the students. that is the highest quality education with charter schools and religious institutions. charles: you may lose your democrat card. >> i love hillary. we can go back to that. charles: where do they get money from?
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the last caller ground they went into hock. >> wall street will give very a lot of money they got the end of the day she is a centrist she will add more banking regulations she would not do bernie sanders would do. the unions will have to change their tune if they want to remain powerful in the future. charles: everyone tries to reassure them. >> she is the clinton budget is not bernie sanders the woman on the cover of the tide magazine like the puppeteer. there is no way in the world if hillary is elected she will cover any other way than elizabeth ward wants
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her to go. >> i am not sure of that that morrison is hugely powerful that is her calculus not to run for president she would have more sway to be on the baking committee and that is a smart move. she has more backbone than you think. charles: she is a professional politician. thank you. the shocking death that has greeted ground swell support for federal funding for this century cities we will explain it all when we come back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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>> you indicated you do support case lot. why? i do support it because it will be a legacy in her name and her death will not go unnoticed. we feel the federal state and city's bar here to protect us but this particular set of circumstances with the different agencies let us down. charles: that was her father speaking to bill o'reilly it has created a groundswell of support for these same three cities -- sanctuary cities the seventh time felons deported five times and a shocking as those are there are more than 200 sanctuary
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cities in america i bet most people don't even know that their city is of the of this. there is a gigantic communitarian told that comes with rolled into the red carpet to come into this country. our guest is still with us. obviously with her dad made know about the humanitarian issues but we have talked about this over a decade you will help the red carpet for a felon is mind-boggling. >> this is not fair to the community for those that create a huge underground economy and all these families have their kids in school to take advantage of the taxpayers are providing.
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>> has of billions of dollars with the overall impact progress some point when the numbers are big enough it is already an issue people will say wait. i require everyone share the burden and the proceeds but it is the symptom of our misstep immigration in system. >> bet that they can go campout in a city to be welcome there us seven time felons? what kind of hurdles are outsiders a way to approach those they could ensue although it doesn't seem like they are that type but
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in 2008 da exact same thing happened a woman lost her husband and two children because they were shot by a guy that was year if he was convicted she sued the city and she lost but kate's law is a great idea. the other option is to get the doj to pursue lawsuits against the set -- cities the doj sued arizona for having laws that were too tough the old ice and director asked said doj pleased to cook county because they have a century city not allow us to do our job and nothing happened this would not go on any longer. charles: how can a place continue to invite illegal
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immigrants is an - - jaber did. >> california has an underground economy 20 percent do not have big account so the check cashing stores are more efficient or there is a cash economy standardbred is amazing how much cash it can swallow that kind of money is amazing there is the an underground economy. i have the business end rigo but now it is a century city it is interesting how things are changing. charles: but a lot has gone wrong all these illegals are being released full fleet doesn't take more of these
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cities that about how tall the wall has to be. to have hot stocks individual names if you use it and love it why don't you own it? next.
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charles: we have been all over the place, triple digit move, traders and investors making money on just a handful of hot stocks, big question, should you be a buyer? what does it say for broad market? let's start with amazon, prime day deal getting interest, that stock, with a new lifetime high, maybmaybe -- bezos found a way o
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make wall street happy. do you think they have right formula in. >> it does not hit my formula, they have incredible sales but earnings are too erratic for me. i don't pay a premium for growth like that. charles: the thing, a lot of people say that amazon model hard to get away work jeff by -- bezos has for years. >> the broader issue is why amazon is going up, investors are desperate for fast growing companies, the revenues are growing. assumption should day it will turn to profits right now people are giving them the benefit of the doubt. >> 59 cent next year 39 cent
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this year, 4 years over 17 bucks a share, they are pricing in the future. >> they have to hit it. let's talk about do pro -- gopro, it got an upgrade today. like that wall street skepticism in the beginning is fading. >> the hot stock that ran up then came down, they launched a new hero 4, now price points on upper and lower end, the gross is enormous. you have garment en and sony but this is a nice buy. charles: louie, some people say that is a matt talked about the new camera, but some people say they have articulated to wall street we're more than just a camera, a content on internet, a drone player. it looks like maybe that is enough? i don't know if this is a name you like, but it is a household name. >> i like gopro, i have been
6:30 pm
accumulating it, that little camera, ice cube will be a hot seller. putting cameras on police, tasers, but, a lot of people buying gopro. so, those cameras get smaller and smaller they will sell more, you have dashcams and surveillances, and drones. charles: i think so. >> talk about fit bit this name new but taken main street by storm, wall street's little skeptical but now coming around. stock surged today. i love this one, i think it is a good buy for a lot of individuals, jim, you wait on these? >> here is what i tell investors, you are dealing with a company with tremendous potential but there are a lot of hot sophisticated hundmanagers trading in -- you are swimming in a den of thieves. be careful, stocks like this you
6:31 pm
want to buy when there a dissyb disappointment. >> i am opposite, i think this is huge right now. >> how long can it last? a lot of people say they are doing now because apple's first crack th the irk watch was a failure. >> i am a fit bit user. i am on my third one, they are engineered to fall in water and that stuff but truth is, any ipo has a lock up insiders come in, i don't buy ipos for almost a year, i want all of the insiders to cash out first. charles: thank you, the long awaited nuclear deal with iran reached, everyone agrees it is historic there is a gulf, a difference of opinions on whether it a great deal or a disaster, we'll be right back. you total your brand new car.
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6:36 pm
is not only a bad dale but dangerous. >> it is horrible, it horrible for us, but it is really, really bad for israel, you know just one thing we have 4 people over there prisoners they are keeping hostages, whatever you top call them, that is not part of the deal, why not? charles: bring in two of best minds on foreign affairs, fox news contributor john bolton, and marcia blackburn. >> i think it is a very bad deal, have you a nation that has been violating, its commitment under nuclear nonproliferation treaty. now saying, actually, we'll abide by this agreement, not to seek nuclear weapons we made huge concessions move important giving iran any nuclear technology allowing them to keep
6:37 pm
their infrastructure in place. the inspection regime is inadequate iran will get what it wants most that is relief from sanctions, we get almost nothing. >> congresswoman blackburn, now because it has taken so long. they went past so many deadlines congress has 60 days to consider this, president obama already saying that he will force this through no matter what, is there anyway to protect the world, israel, american public and everyone else from this deal? >> well maybe we should keep extending the deadline. and not do it in 60 days, but i think that what we will do, as people the more people know about, that less certain they are, even people that it said, well maybe we should do this. when you can't have spur of the moment inspections, any time any where, and you are giving them two weeks notice, what kind of inspection regime is that.
6:38 pm
>> when you say, no arms embargo after 5 years, you just got 5 years, and russia and china chomping at the bit to get in here sell arms, i think they have put in place, something that as the ambassador said, is very bad for the united states we did not get a lot out of this, it is going to be difficult to police. because of the way that the compliance is written into this 92 no. charles: not only 14 days but it takes a week to go a committee then iran has 3 days after, that is 26 days. a survey, 55% of american public said they have zero trust that iran will follow rules, 35% said little trust only 5% said they trust it, that is first thing you put out in your communique. >> that is right, people do in the trust that iran will abide by this, and they are concerned
6:39 pm
that iran will get sanctions relief, they will rebuild their economy. they are looking at being able to establish the trade routes for weapons, we are very concerned about what this does to israel, what it does to saudi arabia. what it does to middle east arms race, and you look at something that is going to intensify, the situation in the middle east. not calm this situation down. i am very concerned about it we're working on a couple of thins that will address the situation, with israel, and you know, i think that there are plenty of questions on that one. charles: absolutely, benjamin netanyahu calling this a historical disaster, thank you both, ambassador boll bolton and congresswoman blackburn. >> thank you. charles: hillary and left continue to demonize capitalism, and scru scrutinize ceo pay, a
6:40 pm
surprising voice has come up, next.
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charles: so you have all old folks, political cronies, hillary clinton and elizabeth warping dissing capitalism, we'll be right back. on manufa. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time,
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but add a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and sleep. add breathe right to your allergy medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right and look for the calming scent of breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. charles: hillary and the left continue to demonize capitalism, and scrutinize ceo pay. miss texas was asked whether government should impose on salaries. >> i think that if you work hard enough, you can obtain anything, this is the land of opportunity, and the ceos, i believe they work hard enough for their money, they should be able to
6:44 pm
attain whatever it is they are working for. thank you. >> well matt mccall and jessica are back with us, bringing in former miss america 2008chis2000 kirsten, how surpr, that miss texas, i think they thought she would say get rid of the bums. >> everyone expected a beauty queen to a world peace, i agree. you know pew research said about 4 out of 10 millennials identify with liberal point of view, ha is what you would expect, but this is a pro free market response, from texas, which is the second fastest growing state economy. in the country, three of fastest growing cities in u.s. are in texas, she knows first hand. but i think she keys into something that a lot of american are recognizing, that is ceo pay is, a lot of people they get
6:45 pm
upset about it they are upset about income inequality, that is complex and complicated, ceos are easy villains but they do a lot to transform the companies. >> i think she was meant to answer another question, they shock her with this one. she got to the right point. but my god that was bumbled to the way, land of opportunity, and ceo are worth -- she got lucky. >> she is not making policy. >> i hope not. charles: yesterday, hill hinge y clinton saying we're going after ceos, this something a wedge issue politic, it we will hear it over and over, record profit for corporate america, where is your piece of the action. >> to what you said, if someone continued to said to her, okay, ceos should earn whatever the market pays them but what should they b be -- taxed she might hae
6:46 pm
a different answer. charles: why. >> she might say they should pay more in taxes. >> they pay more. >> more than what they are already paying, i think right now -- >> that makes no sense, where is basis of tax more how does that help people below. >> redistributed. >> to dc, they waste more money. >> in a perfect world with an efficient government. charles: we took every nickel that bill gates has tomorrow no one watching this show would get an extra penny in their pocket. it is wasted. >> i would have say we need government reform, politics will do a better job taking our tax money and investing it in infrastructure, and green energy. charles: thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>>l you have been sending me to knows of questions, have you not panicked, we'll answer has many as possible. tweet me, we'll be right back.
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charles: time to address your questions, you have been asking, we're here to talk about shocks, looking good. looking for a shining star. all right, twit are high-risk play, came crashing down. but without a takeover can it make it on its own, i don't know
6:51 pm
if i would put another 10 grand in it. >> long-term i think it is good. i had no idea what was going to on today, i believe that will be taken over, too many rumors. probably close to 50 bucks, if you get in 36 a big upside. >> i can't come on a particular stock but i say for people it make money on twitter, it has to be sold because there is not a lot of confidence that be strategy will work. charles: they have a interim ceo, right now it is one of those rumor plays. >> and the anticipation is it will be sold. charles: mike wants to know, sky work solutions, would this be a good time to get back in semis, or is china too big of a factor. i am holding them through this
6:52 pm
earnings respect maybe more. i don't know -- earnings report maybe more. >> they make radio frequency chips, and they are error hot, they will -- they are very hot, they will have blowout earnings, wall street likes to take profits on the semis, they are phenomenal buys. charles: micron, had a upgrade today, target 30, and i think iron horn likes it also. all right, i -- oversold, i thik you should hole for a comeback when the cfo departs that is a yellow flag, i am nervous. it did get an upgrade today, someone on wall street thought it was cheap enough. >> it got washed out fr friday, this is amazon story as far as
6:53 pm
bottom line, but big money they should be making next couple of years, it would be a big winner but hold on. charles: would you be worried household formation gone gangbuster. >> you know, all about what you do for me lately. small caps will continue to track capital, that stock, probably will be okay, but it does not have fundamentals i demand. charles: i think it is great to stave off a mayor sell-off, what happens every time we break out? maybe next break out will be big one, if it is, we want you to make money, thoughts and the market, when we come back. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could
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>> >> just as there were buyers
6:57 pm
they continue to have sizable sellers as they go lot. so is great to say ways stave off another major sell-off to the downside but what does it take to get a break out to new highs? >> these earnings are a lot better than the first quarter because the economy rebounded but it is a narrow market. from my researches burning out a bit. also third or fourth year we have all these candidates sucking up to us we will all be delusional the next 18 months. charles: everybody reminds us how bad the country was. >> looking through the economy and the fundamentals earnings will be good if the
6:58 pm
ten year treasury stays below 260. lou: --. charles: even through china and greece and i rand. people were not as afraid as we thought. >> you don't want to go up to affect stock valuations but if earnings are as good as they should be if greece does not change their mind we should be okay. charles: talk about fundamentals what does it take to get that money on the sidelines? iraq earnings will drive the next big pop. people think they have not done that well. charles: but we are up. >> will long rioja when it will pop the will be explosive i think it will be at this quarter.
6:59 pm
>> we have birding's after the bell they miss on the topline locale where they are right now. it is one of the things that has held the market down you don't think there is something else bothering us? >> but everything that goes on but after the bell monday keeps going in to the high momentum items. charles: then we talk about the famous call one year ago tomorrow that favor over bots but only 50 percent more since then.
7:00 pm
>> are you worried? >> no. with a valuation that you pay but it is the line of least resistance. charles: i am looking for a breakout. catch us every night 6:00 p.m.. keep their right here fox business. lou: good evening for i.m. other jobs the obama administration and the iranians have a nuclear deal. after two years of nonstop talks in vienna the president says it will cut off the path to a nuclear bomb but what illegitimizes the ambitions with a straight forward path to take the bomb over the next decade there's far more critics and advocates for the ideal. >> i will terminate


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